JTX Gateway Solutions

 Not Recommended For New Designs



The  JTX family are the next generation gateway devices from Firecron. The JTX gateway technology is based on a true cross point switch architecture. This allows Firecron to offer a unique IEEE1149.1 cross point  type implementation, enabling complete flexibility for all types of systems from Multi-drop, to point to point architectures. The JTX family also fully supports a number of new standard implementations like ATCA and Micro ATCA type architecture systems.
They provide for a fully software
configurable routing structure of the 2, 5, 7 ,9, 15 IEEE1149.1 ports (device dependant) which enables any one of the LSP’s to
become the primary port. This allows the IEE1149.1 bus to become a true bi-directional bus within the target board or system.
The flexibility this offers enables engineers to develop highly integrated D.F.T test
solutions across any number of  IEEE Chains, boards or systems.
The devices also include a number of unique features, including: Generic I/O pins for compliance pattern assertion on the unit under test,
clock measurement pins to measure the frequency of any clock present to within  a typical tolerance of 1%.


More additional features are listed below:
·  True Cross point  architecture (Where any LSP can become the primary bus)
·  50 Mhz system performance
   (dependant on I/O Voltage modes)
·  Initial  support for 2, 5  and 7 9 &15 local scan chains addressable via the IEEE 1149.1 interface
·  Support for Pass-through
·  Device Multi-Drop Addressable via the    IEEE 1149.1 protocol
·  Independent Chain concatenation Mode (ICCM)
·  Generic I/O : Supports test pattern compliance
·  Clock monitoring pins (software selectable)
·  Support for Status instruction enabling non-intrusive monitoring of the system card.
·  Programmable TRST and SELFTEST pulse width generation (user programmable)
·  Local Scan port enable signal provides the ability to use non IEEE 1149.1
   compliant devices that require JTAG enable signal.
· Provides the ability to initiate Self Test on a remote PCB via a standard IEEE 1149.1command.
· Multi Voltage User selectable I/O
(supports 5, 3.3, 2.5 and 1.8V)









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