JTL Gateway solutions




The new JTL family of Gateways from Firecron offer an exciting new opportunity to deploy these devices where space and cost are an issue,
yet still offering all the advantages of JTAG test at the board level. The devices have an  optimised silicon architecture for both size
and performance as well as offering Multi Voltage I/O on both the primary as well as the secondary JTAG ports. which are user programmable.
The JTL family replaces all the manual interfaces switches connectors cables and jumpers, level shifters, device placement costs and the 
need for ATPG Pods at the manufacturing facilit.

The JTL family are cost effective against any discrete solution for broad partitioning

The typical target card would be stand alone card that require chain partitioning, PLD programming, Flash Programming and  JTAG testing in
the form of  interconnect and infrastructure testing as part of the manufacturing process.

The small form factor are also a great advantage ,with the initial devices being launch in both 32 and 48 pin QFN.
These package offer all the advantages of BGA and non of the disadvantages of TQFP.

Feature Set:


· Support for 2 or 5 local scan chains addressable via the IEEE 1149.1 interface.

· Up to 50 Mhz system performance
       (dependant on I/O Voltage modes)

· Low Cost

· Small Form Factors

· Cascade-able Architecture

· Support for Pass-through

· Multi Voltage User selectable I/O
  (supports 3.3, 2.5 and 1.8V)

  Device support in all major   ATPG   vendors



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