JMD Gateway Solutions


The JMD family of devices provide a complete test management interface to the system, as well as providing additional serial peripheral interface (SPI) bus's.The JMD family can deliver IEE1149.x based tests to any number of the supported IEEE1149.x Local Scan Ports (LSP's), these tests may originate from multiple sources : the primary IEEE1149.x bus; the SPI Slave port; the RS232 interface; and/or I2C interface.

             The access to the IEEE1149.x logic supports the additional optional feature of an encryption module which protects the target devices in the system from unauthorised access, as the required access key must be provided before any access is granted to the LSP control logic of the JMD device. As the JMD Family supports multiple serial interfaces which can be used to deliver the test to the system, the source for these interface can either be external to the system or the embedded processor in the system which can provide field upgrade and test capability.

 The JMD Family also provides additional system capability by providing general purpose Bi-Directional I/O pins that can be used to set/read values within the system.


·   IEEE1149.x bus chain management

·    Supported standards

·           IEEE1149.1

·           IEEE1149.6

·           IEEE1532

·           IEEE1687


· SPI Slave support enabling, SPI bus expansion and test execution on IEEE1149.x chains


· SPI Slave controlled GPIO.

· IEEE1149.x controlled GPIO


· RS232 support enabling communication to the SPI master bus's and test execution on IEEE1149.x chains.


· User selectable Multi-Voltage pins on the device supporting 3.3V, 2.5V and 1.8V


· Multiple SPI Master bus's providing high speed flash programming and device

integration controllable via the IEEE1149.x interface.


·     Fully integrated Encryption engine

·     RS232 interface  (Full JMD control)

·     IC2 interface  (Full JMD control)

·     SPI Bus Expander





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