Design-for-Test Analysis







DFT Analysis

Firecron is principally a Silicon Vendor. However, unlike other silicon vendors Firecron offers extensive presales support to ensure our customer design the optimum board or system, to gain all the D.F.T advantages at the earliest stage. Firecron works with the design architect to ensure the initial concept can be realized, this minimizes the need for deign review where JTAG is concerned. The design engineers can then ensure their product is not only testable but also manufacturable. The test engineer can quickly develop the test strategies in parallel known the design will have adhered to the DFT rules.
In fact Firecron assist all it customer in developing a DFT strategy which is applicable to their business need.
Design Support
Design support is there to ensure that Firecron supports its customer not only through the design cycle but also through the entire life cycle of the product. After all the product does not cease to be their responsibility once it is sold. The need for field upgrades, the identification of no fault found field failures will never go away.
The time and money which can be saved can be very large indeed.
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