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Firecron is a world leader, offering a wide range of IEEE1149.1 compliant gateways, controllers and sequencers. All of which can be used in isolation or combined to develop a wide-ranging test and diagnostics platform for use in the design lad factory and in the field.

The gateway devices offer unparalleled features, which enable the Deployment of good design for test within any card or system. They allow a wide range of function to be controlled, via software.

These include:

  • Improved diagnostics
  • Single chains can only run as fast as its slowest device.
  • Ability to source external Flash Write pulse
  • Simplifies test equipment, only a single port tester is required, or if a multi-port tester is used then gang testing and programming can be performed.
  • Un-tried JTAG components can be removed from the test to overcome issues. Improved signal quality allowing the test to run faster.

The Requirement for system level DFT via 1149.1. has been driven by increased availability of chip level Boundary Scan Test.

The rapidly increasing chip integration/complexity and the package migration TQFP-BGA-fBGA-Chip Scale.

Requirements of in-system programming of CPLD are as well as Flash devices.

  • The need for Hierarchical JTAG testing schemes, both at Board and system level.

System Diagnostics, down to both board and component level, have all driven the need for a D.F.T strategy supported by the Firecron chipsets





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