IEEE1149.X Test IP




Although it is true that Firecron's primary aim is to deliver Silicon solutions which allow our customers to embedd and also deploy Boundary Scan solutions, both on the board and in the system. The company also offer a number a value added propositions to hence the whole Engineering and development process.

Design For Test "D.F.T" is Key.
It has never been more important for the three key customer disiplines to work together to ensure good D.F.T. Design Engineering has to ensure the board or system follows the key DFT rules working with test and manufacturing to ensure a testable and hence manufacturable product.

Firecron Offers More.
Firecron constantly strives to offer more. More products, More I.P solutions, More pre and post sales support as well as D.F.T analysis. In essence Firecron is involved in most design programs from conception to delivery and beyond.



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